DirectoryPress is an awesome premium theme that can help you setup your directory website within a few minutes. However when you migrate your old directory website to directorypress, you might come across a situation when you want to change the authors of the directory listing (I came across this situation when I was working on migrating the site for a client).

DP Reassign Authors plugin was developed to allow site administrators to easily achieve the same thing easily.

Installation & Setting up the plugin

  1. Download the plugin from wordpress codex.
  2. To install the plugin to wordpress, you can choose either of these two methods.
    • Go to dashboard of your wordpress site and select Plugins > Add New from left menu.  On the right side of page, click on Upload link. Browse to the plugin zip file that you downloaded in step 1 and click upload. This will install the plugin.
    • Extract the downloaded plugin to your harddisk. Copy the folder in which the files are extracted. Now on your website ftp, goto folder wp-content/plugins and paste the folder.
  3. Go to dashboard of your WordPress site and select Plugins from the left menu. Find Directorypress Reassign Authors plugin and click Activate to activate the plugin.

Creating the CSV file

The next step involves creation of a CSV file that will be used to map listings to authors.
Create a CSV file with two columns
user_email, directory_url
user_email is the email of the author
directory_url is the url of the directory listing (Note: This should be external url of the directory and not the wordpress url)